Navigate to excellence

Navigate your business to excellence

Conlogic AG is a Leadership Consulting Company based in Switzerland engaged with corporate organisations determined to achieve business excellence. Our business customers have the ambition to change the world in their industries and to become leaders in terms of sustainable profits and leadership success.

Some of their corporate core talents and ambitions are:

  • Excellence in customer orientation
    Passionate customer orientation creates customer value and customer loyalty.
  • Breakthrough strategy with excellent and timely execution
    Give your dream a deadline and a leadership priority!
  • Operational excellence
    Quality and continuous improvement drives your high Performance organisation.
  • Visionary leadership, persistence and discipline to change
    Navigate your organisation beyond paradigms and achieve great business results.

We believe that many companies have great potential to embark on a journey to excellence. Conlogic knows from first hand CEO experience how to successfully navigate to excellence. We build on the available strengths in your organisation and make it grow throughout the process of change.

Re-think, what are your ambitions?
Are you ready to re-think, to work beyond your corporate paradigms and to redefine your success?

Are you interested to lead and challenge your organization beyond mediocrity?
It is the little difference that makes the difference
What are your commitments to leadership?

Continuous leadership developments in your organization will make a big difference to your corporate performance.

Strategy and execution

Vision + strategy + excellent execution = superior results

Successful companies have developed the ability to execute and therefore achieve clearly defined deliverables on an agreed timeline.

Management is involved in the execution of their strategic steps and only regular reviews assure the timely implementation or the launch of corrective measures. The strategy execution is measurable and part of the management reward system. Your strategy implementation becomes part of your planning and budgeting process. The organisation is involved and regularly informed about the status of implementation or the change process.

Give your dream a deadline and a leadership priority!
Conlogic can give you professional leadership support to develop your strategic steps and to achieve your planned results.

What is your success factor in strategy implementation?
Does your strategy produce the planned results – within your timeline?

Do you have clearly defined key performance indicators to measure results?

Is the ability and the discipline of excellent execution a needed qualification criteria for your future leaders?
Execution is key!
What is your success factor in strategy implementation?

Are regular strategy implementation reviews used for corrective measures to deliver the planned results?

Leadership and organisation

Successful leaders make the difference!

Exemplary leadership is the single most important key to success in a great company. Visions become reality, corporate values are part of our daily life, opportunities turn into new business offerings and passion, persistence and discipline to change deliver sustainable success.

Leaders navigate beyond paradigms and overcome these invisible limits to achieve real change and drive great business results.

Corporate values, a passion for excellence, an effective organization combined with people engagement and process orientation are among the important elements to your future success or Turnaround.

What is your success factor in strategy implementation?
Do you invest in brand – or talents?

How do you continuously develop your future talent base?

How do you know that your company has a climate of trust?
What is your leadership challenge?
Is your company result and people focused?

Are your corporate values an integral part of our company culture? How do you measure this?

How often and how do you communicate your personal approach to company values, your personal interest in people and your commitment to excellence?

Excellence in customer orientation

Memorable customer experience = customer loyalty = revenue and profit

Your intimate and continuous knowledge of your market and the customers will drive your passion for innovation of product and service delivery. It is the ultimate base for the development of your competitive advantage.

A memorable customer experience is not coincidental. It is the result of a professional process approach in service design, sales and customer service. Great companies have defined strategies and leadership styles delivering an impressive customer experience that truly creates value and builds preference – and loyalty. In customer orientation there is no space for mediocrity, but the opportunity to outperform your competition by providing excellence.

Conlogic has developed customer orientation processes and programs which delivered major results improvements.

It starts with the customer – and it ends with the customer
Do you feel the passion to deliver a memorable customer experience?

Did you define the value proposition experienced by your customers?

How unique is it in your complaint department?
What is your top management involvement in customer process
Does your CFO also have customer responsibilites?

Where is your true competitive advantage?

Operational excellence

What gets measured gets done!

Successful companies track and measure predefined key performance indicators – not only in finance and productivity. They involve their organisation to develop key measurables (quantity and quality) which are tracked and reported on a regular basis. They serve for a continuous improvement strategy and to develop a leadership philosophy in quality and operational excellence.

Measuring operational performance is the basis for good decision making and a culture of high quality orientation and superior performance.

Companies with a passion for operational excellence achieve above average results.

Conlogic has the experience on how to develop a passion and strategy for operational excellence.

Is operational excellence part of your leadership ambition?
Can you further improve your effectiveness by measuring operational performance? In production, product delivery, customer satisfaction, sales management, innovation, project and strategy implementation, people management, HR, cost management, ....

Is process orientation part of your culture?
Measure – measure – measure
Are your measurable performance targets and results part of your monthly management reviews? – and your reward system?

Do they serve as a basis to celebrate success?

Are they regularely communicated to your people in your organization?

Beyond consulting

Some of our additional specialities

  • Top executive coaching during change process –
    your leadership style will set the framework for your Organisation.
  • Interim management on CEO or top executive level -
    your flexibility to accelerate change.
  • Non-executive board change processes -
    what is the new role of your non-executive directors to support management?
  • Turnaround management –
    your design in the first 90 days will set the standards for the execution.
  • M & A processes – company integrations
    excellent integration work delivers your expected results.